We started in the lawn maintenance business in 2010. While we were mowing lawns, we saw weeds, and experienced mosquitos and pests annoying us and our customers. For 10 years, we referred our customers to other companies to apply lawn care, mosquito control and pest control. 

Our lawn maintenance customers were used to our quality service and asked us to fulfill their lawn care needs. With the other lawn care companies, they were receiving poor results and were missing quality, personalized service. We saw our customers needed more from us. This was when we started to educate ourselves about the lawn care industry by long-time professionals in the field. As we learned about the lawn care and pest control process, we began to order the right products and equipment to treat weeds, fertilize lawns, and control mosquitos and other pests. 

Local Lawns Ga was started in 2020 and became incorporated in November 2021. We service the Cobb County area. Local Lawns Ga provides quality, personalized lawn care for their customers.