Winter Weather Warning

These ongoing, freezing temperatures will effect your trees and shrubs. A root zone fertilization of your trees and shrubs in this weather will help your plants survive into the spring and summer. This will help ensure your root structure to stay strong and allow colorful blossoms in the spring.

Local Lawns Ga can help you care for your shrubs and ornamental trees. Contact us to today for us to show you the benefits of this fertilization.


Lush flowers from fertilizing the lawn in winter
A lush lawn from fertilizing the grass in winter

Time for pre-emergent application.

It is time for pre-emergent weed control to be applied to your lawn. This will help stop the weeds before they start.

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It is time to think about spring aeration for your warm season grass.

Contact us today to get a free estimate for your Bermuda, Zoysia, or other warm season lawn aeration.

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A landscaper aerating a lawn with a yellow aerator. Aeration